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Vacanti Yacht Design LLC was formed in 1983 as a boat design or yacht design software development company…

Benefits of Using Combined Marine Radar and Automatic Identification System (AIS)

Benefits and Shortfalls of AIS for Recreational Boaters Boaters tend to regard AIS as a source of absolutely correct and valid information that they can rely on to provide them with data regarding approaching and overtaking vessels. But the fact is that AIS data can be erroneous and it can lack critical details about vessels […]

Rudder Design for C&C 35 – Success!! Updated with Race Results

“It is very clear that at angles above 9 degrees that the foil shape suffers a huge 60% reduction in lift that never recovered, even at angles as high as 20 degrees.”… “Now it can be seen that at rudder angles above 10 degrees the rudder will continue to develop lift and will not have the dramatic loss of lift experienced with the NACA 0010 series at angles above 10 degrees. “

WINGS 10 New Features and Development

February 2021 Update WINGS 10 is the NEW version of WINGS for Keel and Rudder Design NOW BEING released. It will replace all previous versions of WINGS including the current WINGS 32. The new version will include major improvements in display quality by supporting high resolution screens up to 4K. An all new Parametric Design […]