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WINGS 10 R1.9 is a full 3D Detailed Design and Analysis tool for Keel and Rudder Design and Build. WINGS 10 R1.9 includes 2021 ABS Scantling Calculations for Keel Bolts and Rudder Shafts along with full 3D design of any desired Keel or Rudder Planform. WINGS 10 R1.9 now provides a large list of NACA and other special FOIL shapes as well as a full set of Foil Performance Data (Lift and Drag Vs Leeway / Rudder angle) to be used in creating keels and rudders. It can also import FOIL shapes designed and analyzed in FOIL 10.  WINGS 10 R1.9 can now import FOIL 10 Foil Performance Data files for use in Lift and Drag analysis of Keels and Rudders. When combined with PROLINES 8  and FOIL 10 any desired hull, keel and rudder combination can be created for offshore sailing vessels.

WINGS 10 supports export of 3D STL files for 3D Model Printing (purchase online under WIN 10) or for use in detailed realistic rendering applications. STL can also be used in many 3D analysis programs for structural analysis or 3D CFD.

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The best in dedicated Keel and Rudder Design software has just taken a huge leap in capabilities and features. WINGS 10, Release 1.9 has a huge list of new features!

WINGS 10 R1.9 New Features include:

  • Now Compute Keel or Rudder LIFT and DRAG based on NACA or Custom Foil Performance Data
  • All new Foil Performance Data Supplied for ALL NACA and Special WINGS foils for Reynolds Numbers 1,2,3,4,5Million
  • Realistic Rendering using WIN 10 Native Tools Within WINGS 10
  • Export STL Files for 3D Model Printing, Realistic Rendering in Rhino 3D and other 3D CAD tools
  • Design Rudder Stocks using built in Materials Library per 2021 ABS Rules!
    • Use Vertical or Swept Stocks
    • Add your own materials to the Materials Library
  • Calculate required keel bolts Diameters from a built in Materials Library
  • WINGS 10 Automatically generates a proposed Keel Bolt Placement Pattern,Number of bolts, proposed Depths, Proposed Diameter
  • Export Keel Bolt and Rudder Stock calculations in PDF or TEXT files
  • Substantially improved screen drawing- very fine details and much smoother line drawings at resolutions up to 4K
  • New separate Keel and Rudder Design Dialogs Optimized for each function
  • Now Open a Keel or Rudder Design and automatically select Keel Bolts or Rudder Stock Calculations according to the design type.
  • New WINGS 10 File type (*.W10) now stores data for Keel and Rudder specifics such as Stock Diameter, Material Type or Keel Bolt locations, depths and Diameters
  • WINGS 10 Automatically determines if a Keel bolt location or depth will come too close to the outer edge of the Keel Sheel and determine the maximum depth allowed for a given bolt diameter and location.
  • Many more features, bug fixes and overall operating improvements too numerous to mention!

WINGS 10 is a powerful keel and rudder design tool that is capable of creating virtually any shape keel or rudder. WINGS 10 is based on the powerful editing and display functions used in PROLINES  versions! WINGS 10 incorporates the latest in Vacanti Yacht Design AUTOMATED “Parametric Design” tools. Click FILE, NEW, enter desired dimensions, add AUTOMATIC BULB and /or MOUNTING FLANGE and WINGS 10 generates a perfect keel or rudder instantly with your preselected foils.

In particular, WINGS 10 is capable of creating bulbed keels made up of up to 50 foils, placed anywhere on the keel or Rudder Span! WINGS provides a NURB SURFACE that is used to define the keel or rudder. The surface maybe made up of curves or sharp breaks as desired. Thickness distribution along the Keel or Rudder is defined in the Front or Body view of the planform. The designer can set thickness for each foil used. The original DOS WINGS has been used extensively throughout the world and has proven itself as a race winner at the grand prix level.


  • NACA, NASA and Proprietary Foils Designed in FOIL. Create virtually any shape keel or rudder
  • NURB Spline SURFACE NURB Surface to define both the outer edge and thickness
  • Nouse Controlled Position Points
  • Quick Creation of a General Keel/Rudder to give more time to fine tune
  • Hydrodynamic and Ballast Calculations
  • Wetted Surface and frontal area (cause drag) calculations
  • Projected Area, Center of Volume, and Center of Gravity Calculations
  • Rudder Weight Calculation
  • Hydrodynamic and ballast calculation print feature
  • CNC NURB SURFACE Export for High Accuracy Machining
To design a keel, or any shape, WINGS begins by asking for the span, sweep angle, root and tip chord lengths and thicknesses. When these entries are complete, WINGS instantly draws an initial planform shape. The designer may select from 35 NACA or NASA foil shapes or from any proprietary design by simply clicking on the desired foil name from a scrolling pick list. You may insert any foil at any location along the planform. WINGS will blend from one foil shape to the other using a NURB surface. Quickly and easily change the planform shape by clicking on a planform control vertex and dragging it to a new location.

The same easy point, click and drag features are also used to modify the thickness in Front View. WINGS provides extensive calculations for wetted area, frontal area, aspect ratio, wetted surface, projected surface, center of gravity, center of volume or bouyancy and center of area and plot them graphically. Multiple ballast values of any density may be used to compute over all weight.

* Blend different foil shapes along the span

* Foil shapes from pick list.

* Enter your own proprietary foils

* More than 35 NACA and NASA foils included

* Accepts foils designed with the program FOIL

* Unlimited number of output offsets selected by spacing or quantity.

* Calculate Area, Wetted Area, Frontal Area, Volume, Center of Volume, Center of Area, Center of Gravity.

* Output 2D or 3D DXF files for use in CAD programs

* Use mouse or Keys to move B-Spline Vertices when editing shape or thickness.


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