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PROLINES 8 PRO is a significant Upgrade to the venerable PROLINES 7 for Boat Design Software or Yacht Design Software. New superb high resolution graphics to 4K, new 3D rendering and 3D Printing capabilities

PROLINES 8 is excellent for Hobby Boat Design, Professional Yacht Design, Commercial Working boat design of smaller vessels. PROLINES has been in development for over 30 years and has developed a following around the world. PROLINES 2019 PRO provides full 3D boat or yacht hull design and analysis capability in a single package. Where competitor software requires purchase of multiple modules for hull design, stability analysis, wave and friction drag evaluation and CAD export files, PROLINES is a single program that offers all of those features in one “module”. PROLINES 8 is especially designed to work with Windows 10 or newer operating systems and to work at very high 4K screen resolution.

PROLINES 8 builds on all of the major features of PROLINES 7 and enhances them in seveal ways. You can also expect to receive several months free of program updates as we add new details and refinements to PROLINES. Look for companion products WINGS 10, B-PLATES 10 and ABS CONSTRUCT 10

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PROLINES was originally created in the late 1980’s with the creation of the very first IBM PC Computers and has been in constant development and upgrade since that time. There are over 3000 installations of PROLINES around the world that range from Hobby to Professional Yacht Designers and Naval Architects. PROLINES has also become a standard for Civil Engineers at Universities and Colleges across the USA who each year design Concrete Canoe’s to test their skills both physically and from an engineering perspective.

PROLINES was the first program to introduce the concept of Parametric Hull Design. By choosing a hull type and entering a few basic hull dimensions a hull can be created in seconds. This starting point hull is then easy to change and modify to achieve the desired characteristics. This concept of entering “hull parameters” has been adopted across the industry.

PROLINES internally uses NURB (Non Uniform Rational B-Splines) mathematics to define a hull surface shape rather than attempting to create individual stations or waterlines and some how blend or fair those shapes together. PROLINES NURBS mathematics allows virtually any conceivable hull shape to be created and exported as STL, DXF, IGES, GHS GF1, VPP and other file formats. The Demo version does NOT export these files. Please Contact us to receive sample files by email.

Calculations – PROLINES generates Wave and Friction Drag estimates for displacement mode hulls, Hydrostatics, Intact Stability, Hull Weights Table, Curve of Area, Curve of Wetted Lengths.

Editing Tools – PROLINES provides extensive Editing functions that permit fairing and detailed local chines. The Visual Vertex Editor, Simple Mouse Drag, Right Click to set Offsets, Spline Weight, Move Entire Rows or Columns of Control Vertices, Isolate a Single Row or Column of Control Points, Set Spline Tension in Station or Waterline Direction and many more


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