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Software Digital Certificate / WINDOWS 11 Compatibility

While we have reliably sold software worldwide since the mid 1980’s and have always been sure to maintain a secure website for secure financial transactions we had not previously taken the extra step of Digitally Signing our distributed software. This had not been a problem for WINDOWS OS through version 8 but starting with WIN 10 and especially WIN 11 it has become apparent that proving software is not supplied by a dubious source is of paramount importance. We witnessed the distressing warning messages shown to WIN 11 users in particular when software is not digitally signed and have decided the time has come to apply for a Global digital certificate and install full Digital Code Signing for all of our DEMO and Full operational software to assure all users worldwide that the products we deliver and sell are trustworthy and from a reliable source.

All Vacanti Software Digitally Signed by July 4, 2022

We have therefore applied for a full EXTENDED VERSION, Global Digital Certificate of Authenticity from GlobalSign (World Wide Provider of Digital Software Certificates). We will receive our hardware validated and Encrypted Digital Software Certificate in a few days and will completely revise and replace all of our Software Installers for all Software by July 4, 2022.

We invite anyone who has had any issues with installing our software, especially any Demonstration Software to re-apply for free demo versions of the software with the new installer after July 4, 2022. We are certain that none of our previously distributed products is harmful in any way but Microsoft and other entities have substantially raised the bar for software security for any software installed on a PC. This is a very good thing in general and protects all of us from as many harmful and potentially dangerous applications.

We want to always assure our customers and any one interested in our software that our code is safe, is developed by us alone and has not been sourced from any other entity. We use a state of the art Delphi Compiler provided and supported worldwide by Embarcadero. All of the code used in our software is vetted and is not intended to be dangerous in any way. It is critical however that any computer user employ proper software security steps to prevent malware and rogue software from infecting ANY of their computer software. This is normal and standard practice for any Computer user (PC, MAC etc).

The addition of our new Digital Certificate will also make it more difficult for “bad actor” viruses or other software to specifically infect our software once it is posted on our website. We have already installed protection systems on our professional WordPress website to prevent infection and attack by outside bad actors. We will always be diligent in maintaining a safe and helpful website for all to use.

We ask that anyone who has had distressing messages displayed by the WINDOWS OS when installing our software to please contact us and arrange for a new copy of our Digitally Signed software that has the highest possible “automatic green light” from WINDOWS 8 / 10 / 11.

OLDER WINDOWS (Previous to WINDOWS 8) Compatibility

It is also very important to understand that we do not support WIN 7 or earlier WINDOWS versions due to a number of compatibility issues and a number of copy protection issues. We stated in 2020 that our older software designed before WIN 10 could not be supported any longer on WINDOWS 8 and higher because our old copy protection system was no longer compatible with WINDOWS 8. We therefore adopted a new State if the Art copy protection system provided by a major software supplier that will continue to be compatible for many years to come. We also strive to provide the best possible products that operate at high resolution with great detail to make the task of computer aided drafting more rewarding. We know that our professional users appreciate this capability and it provides a high quality experience for students and hobbyists.

Therefore versions of our software previous to PROLINES 8, LOFT 11, FOIL 10 and WINGS 10 are no longer supported for new “unlock” or “License Key” code requests for re-installation on computers. We have no means to digitally sign this older software and no means to provide copy protection “unlock codes” or “license keys”. We have created all new versions of our programs that provide many new features and capabilities, higher speed and higher screen resolution capability and compatibility with new WINDOWS 11 and future operating systems. We encourage any user of older software versions to purchase SOFTWARE UPGRADES to any of our programs for a fraction of the cost of a new copy of any program.

Please contact us with any questions!

Vacanti Yacht Design LLC, June 2022