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Expiration of PROLINES 98 or PROLINES 7 Versions October 31, 2020

As of October 31, 2020 Vacanti Yacht Design LLC will no longer honor requests for License Keys or technical support for any version of PROLINES other than PROLINES 8 Basic, PRO, Professional Pack and Student Editions. All previous versions of PROLINES 5 (DOS), PROLINES 6 (Windows 3 Thru Windows XP) and PROLINES 98 or PROLINES 7 will be obsolete. Due to changes in Windows operating systems 7,8 and 10 we can no longer offer support for these older versions of PROLINES.

We do offer low cost upgrades for each version of PROLINES – Basic, PRO or Student Edition to the new PROLINES 8 that has been designed for Windows 7, 8 10 and beyond. We know that there are thousands of users of the older versions of PROLINES so we make an unlimited offer for an upgrade to the new version of PROLINES that will not expire with time.

In addition to adopting new Windows 10 technology features, PROLINES 8 now includes many new features for editing, new 3D CAD file export, direct integration with HydroComp NavCad that is an excellent Propulsion analysis tool for all PROLINES hull designs. Many more features will continue to be added to PROLINES 8 at no cost to existing owners of PROLINES 8. We encourage you to consider upgrading soon.

New PROLINES Features Solicited

We encourage you to contact us and send requests for new features that could potentially be added to PROLINES. Please us a Contact Us form to send your suggestions.