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February 2021 News Updates

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WINGS 10 Released this week!

WINGS 10 now includes Rudder Stock Design and Analysis per ABS Rules and Keel Bolt Design and Analysis Per 2021 ABS Rules as well. Full graphical display of the chosen rudder stock and rudder or keel bolt pattern and bolt locations is provided in both cases. Now designers can not only create CAD files and compute LIFT / Drag and hydrostatics analysis for Keels and Rudders they can also generate required installation hardware information for both Keels and Rudders. This makes WINGS 10 substantially more useful than any previous version and serves the needs of Professionals and Home Builders alike. WINGS 10 now also includes full 3D Realistic Rendering using WIN 10 tools directly within WINGS 10. With this release any user who has purchased WINGS 32 after November 11, 2020 is entitled to a free upgrade to WINGS 10.

We are also working on B-PLATES and ABS Construct versions for release and use with the new PROLINES 8 Rx.x editions (Basic, PRO and Student)

PROLINES 6, 98, 7, LOFT 2011 and older, FOIL 5 and older are now obsolete and are no longer supported. We encourage users of these programs that have been around for 10 to 20 years to consider upgrading to PROLINES 8, LOFT 2018 and FOIL 10 that offer many new features and will operate on WIN 10 and later.